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What is a 22631VIC Certificate II in Work Education?

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As a post-high school student with permanent intellectual disability, you may be looking at how you can gain skills to help you prepare for entering the workforce. If this is the case, then the 22631VIC Certificate II in Work Education could be perfect for you!

This course helps young people with disability gain employment ready skills, knowledge, and behaviours. This helps you develop practical skills such as understanding how to use some common workplace technologies, and applying OHS procedures in industries, as well as more self-asserting skills such as accessing and using employment information and understanding presentation and hygiene standards across several industries.


Who can study 22631VIC Certificate II in Work Education?

The 22631VIC Certificate II in Work Education is designed for post-compulsory school (post high school) people with a permanent intellectual disability. This course builds upon skills learned in the 22566VIC Certificate I in Work Education, so it is highly recommended to study that course first – however you do not need to have completed any prior learning to understand and succeed in this course.

After you enquire on our website about entering this course, you’ll be contacted by our staff to complete a pre-course interview. But don’t stress! This interview is just to make sure this course is the right fit for you.

What do you do as part of 22631VIC Certificate II in Work Education?

Brite Institute’s 22631VIC Certificate II in Work Education involves 8 units, including 4 electives that can help you gain skills specific to the industry of your goal job!

Students studying the 22631VIC Certificate II in Work Education will also develop general employment skills such as:

  •     Developing written job applications such as Resumes and CVs,
  •     Grow job interview skills,
  •     Understanding and comprehending texts used in workplaces; and,
  •     Creating texts used in workplaces

Supported by Brite Institute’s amazing trainers, you will undertake an individualised journey to help you learn the skills needed to excel in a workplace.

Work Placement:

As part of your core units, you will be able to undertake a work placement, which will help you to put all the skills you have learned into practice. Work placements are a great way to help learn the general expectations of workplaces, while still being able to get in touch with trainers to answer any questions you have about workplace expectations, health and safety, and even any practical skills.


Studying at Brite Institute

Studying the 22631VIC Certificate II in Work Education at Brite will help you to gain not only the skills, but the confidence to be able to further your career and education goals. This course offers genuine learning and working pathways and encourages life-long learning for every student. Studying this course you will gain confidence and skills that will help you get started in your goal career, as well as help you in your day-to-day life.

When you choose to study at Brite Institute, you are choosing to learn in a close, hands-on environment full of welcoming trainers. Plus, if you meet eligibility requirements for our registered courses, there are no tuition fees. If you’d like to learn more about studying a 22631VIC Certificate II in Work Education at Brite Institute, get in touch with our team today.


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