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Brite creates meaningful employment provides training opportunities champions accessible employment advocates for inclusive society

Brite empowers people by creating person-centred training and employment opportunities through innovative social enterprise, and driving change for an inclusive society.

As a social enterprise and non-profit charity, we’ve been changing people’s futures for more than 40 years by providing our community with jobs and opportunities.

We know that real employment is a catalyst for change, breaking down barriers and setting people up for success in life.

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Although we are a non-profit registered Charity, we have a commercial, customer-focused mindset. So we make sure that all our work meets high quality standards and is delivered on time, every time.

Not-for-profits like Brite rely on the generosity of donors to continue our mission and achieve our goal of supporting people with disability. Your support helps us to deliver the services and employment opportunities needed to support our team.

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why we do what we do

Everyone in our community has the right to work and earn a living but not everyone is lucky enough to have a job.

When it comes to employment for people with a disability, Australia ranks 21st out of 29 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries[1]. Our ranking for relative poverty risk for people with a disability is even worse – we are 27th out of 27 OECD countries, with 45 per cent of Australians with disability living near or below the poverty line[2].

In 1993 the workforce participation rate for people with disability was 54.9 per cent and in 2012 it had dropped to 52 per cent. This needs to change. Our community deserves better and we’re working hard to improve outcomes. With your help, we can create a future that’s full of possibilities.

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  2. OECD. (2009). Sickness, Disability and Work: Keeping on track in the economic downturn – Background paper.
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