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the brike

Empowerment through innovation

Brite is revolutionising the social enterprise space by developing products for people with disability, made by people with disability. Nowhere is this more true than with the Brike, a power assisted wheelchair bike which has been specifically designed for people with disability and their families.

The Brike is a three wheeled, battery power assist, pedal cycle for transporting the rider and a passenger in a wheelchair, or a fixed seat.

The Brike has been designed with a very comfortable upright riding position for great vision and a relaxed feel. The seated passenger is in a lower, up- front position for an exhilarating ‘wind in your face’ cycling experience.

The Brike as a mobility bike was envisioned as part of a closed loop – specially built for people with disability by people with disability, ensuring these bikes would help those people lead more independent, more enriched lives.

Brike Sale
People with significant disability can experience the joy of bicycle mobility
Designed and manufactured in Australia, by people with disability for people of all abilities
Multi-purpose: Legitimate form of transport or carrying items

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