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Brite is passionate about our advanced technology services, and the opportunities it creates for people with disabilities. At Brite, we strive to demonstrate that with modest accommodations and adjustments, open employment can be accessible for people with disabilities. Through partnerships with organisations such as Toyota Productions Systems Support Centre and RMIT, we are able to lead by example.

Advanced technology projects at Brite create exciting and inspiring opportunities for supported team members. Such projects provide a unique learning environment, in which members are equipped with new and valuable skills for further work at Brite, or in open employment. Engaging in and developing partnerships in the advanced technology space will allow Brite to extend our ability to offer such opportunities to people with disabilities.

Advanced Technology: Brike Project in Collaboration with Toyota

The Brike, a bike made for people with disabilities by people with disabilities is our first venture into the advanced technology space. The support provided by our industry partner, Toyota has been instrumental in the results we have achieved in the Brike project so far. This collaboration has allowed us to unpack the work within what is quite a complex task. Understanding the task at its core has been instrumental in identifying the challenges that may be faced by our supported members.

The mentorship with Toyota has helped us to learn how to surface and solve these problems through the development of jigs and aids, as well as fundamental skills training. This has had a huge impact on the accessibility of the work within the Brike project to our supported team members.

This way of thinking, breaking down complex work and making it more accessible will be beneficial for Brite as a whole. It will allow us to seek out opportunities for more complex work, including within the area of advanced technology. These opportunities provide meaningful work for our team members and helps them to develop new skills that have the potential to be used in open employment.

We partner with leading companies to create lasting relationships helping people with disabilities gain purposeful employment.

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How Our Advanced Manufacturing Services Impact PWD

We partner with leading companies to create lasting relationships, helping people with disability gain meaningful employment.

“There are a couple of words that spring to mind when I consider the team we had working on this project… determination and perseverance. Nothing was too hard, never did they think about giving up even when it was challenging and always wondering what the next task for them to learn was.”

“To say that I am humbled and proud is an understatement.”

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