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assembly and kitting

We do the whole kit and caboodle

In search of assembly and kitting solutions? Our quickly mobilised team is trained in a wide array of assembly and kitting services that can be combined together with our other services to create an all in one business solution. Our assembly and kitting solutions are carried out by our team of highly trained staff. We offer a wide range of services for all sized businesses, and our packaging and assembly solutions help give people with disability the opportunity to upskill while maintaining valuable and meaningful employment.

When a business partners with Brite for their assembly and kitting solutions, we are able to create more training and employment opportunities for our supported staff. Meaningful employment helps people with disability to lead a more full life and opens them up to a wider range of career pathways. Within a social enterprise like Brite, individuals with disability can feel welcomed within a working environment and learn adaptable skills.

Our Capabilities

Brite’s assembly and kitting services include a number of capabilities including:

  • Kimble tagging of bagged products and clothing
  • Glue gun sealing
  • Heat sealing bars for resealing and sealing of bags
  • Band sealing for resealing and sealing of bags
  • Kitting of hampers including gift packs, show bags, business information packs and beauty care kits
  • Assembly of hardware and adhesive components
  • Blister manufacturing and sealing of adhesive and hardware products
  • General packing and repacking work for retail supply chains and supermarkets
  • Pamphlet folding and distribution work within Melbourne’s
  • Northern and Western suburbs
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Our Facilities

Our warehouse facilities include:

  • Rotary pouch machine for filling and sealing premade pouches and pags
  • Metal detector and check weigher
  • Clean rooms with multiple packing and blending options
  • Two head linear weigher food packaging machine
  • Auger filling machine for food products
  • Blister manufacturing and sealing machines
  • Heat Shrink wrapping of single and multiple products i.e. multipacks
  • Heat Tunnel for binding multiple products
  • Two head linear weigher food packaging machine
  • Pamphlet folding machine
  • Continuous ink jet printing for barcodes, batch coding and labelling
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How Our Assembly and Kitting Services Impact PWD

At Brite, our number one goal is to empower and create opportunities for people with disability. We provide training and facilitate employment pathways for people with disability both inside our workplace and in the wider community. We showcase the reasonable adjustments that can be made to workplaces to help people with disability thrive in their careers and contribute to products and services. Creating employment and training opportunities is at the heart of what we do.

“My son couldn’t be more happy with Brite. He loves going to work there, meeting friends and feeling like a grown up working.

The staff there never hesitate in being there for me [as a parent] as well. My son never wants to miss a day, which tells me a lot. If he could work more days there he would.

Thank god for Brite; our kids need places like this for giving them independence and a sense of worth.”

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