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Brite Café – Cafe in Broadmeadows

Welcome to Brite Café – where every sip of coffee and every bite of food serves a purpose beyond flavour!

Brite Café – Cafe in Broadmeadows

Welcome to Brite Café – where every sip of coffee and every bite of food serves a purpose beyond flavour!

This new cafe in Broadmeadows is more than just a place to enjoy exceptional coffee and delicious food. We’re on a mission to foster inclusivity, empower individuals, and create opportunities that shine brightly for all.

About Brite Café

Nestled in the heart of the Broadmeadows Industrial Park, Brite Café is the latest addition to the Brite Services family – a dynamic social enterprise dedicated to providing employment and training opportunities that empower people with disability. This isn’t just another Broadmeadows café. It’s a symbol of community, opportunity, and positive change that is excited to open its doors for everyone.
As part of the broader Brite organisation, Brite Café stands alongside our existing social enterprise initiatives, Brite Pak and Brite Plants. Through these initiatives, we’re committed to making a tangible difference by nurturing a supportive environment where our people are empowered. Through tailored support and investment in their strengths, we’re breaking down barriers and helping our team reach their full potential.
Brite Café seamlessly blends art of high quality coffee and a fresh, delicious, and seasonal halal menu with a commitment to social impact. With every cup you enjoy and every meal you savour, you’re contributing to a brighter future for people with disability and the broader community.
So come join us at Brite Café – where every moment is brimming with purpose, every interaction is filled with warmth, and every visit supports a cause worth savouring just as much as the food and drink. Together, let’s create a community where everyone shines their brightest.
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 6:30am – 2:30pm
Dine In: Yes, the cafe has a seating capacity of 20 people

View The Brite Café Menu

Want to view the menu for Brite Café? Visit our Instagram page to see our current seasonal seasonal halal menu!

Training and Employment:

Brite Cafe offers tailored training programs designed to develop essential skills in café operations, customer service, food preparation, and teamwork. Our holistic approach ensures that our people receive personalised support to thrive in a café environment.

Inclusive Workforce

We prioritise diversity and inclusion by providing equal employment opportunities for our people. Our commitment to creating a supportive and accessible workplace fosters a culture of respect, acceptance, and mutual growth.
We actively engage in strategies that promote inclusivity at every level of our organisation. Through targeted recruitment, continuous training, and proactive policy-making, we ensure that every member of the Brite family feels valued and empowered. Our approach not only enriches our work environment for all, but also drives innovation and excellence across the board.

Hands-On Experience

Through practical, hands-on training, our participants gain valuable experience in real world café settings. From taking orders to preparing beverages and interacting with customers, trainees develop confidence and proficiency in all aspects of café service.
This immersive approach equips individuals with the necessary skills to excel in the hospitality industry. By managing day-to-day operations and solving problems in real-time, trainees enhance their ability to adapt and thrive in this empowering work environment. The experience they gain instils a sense of accomplishment and pride in their professional development.

Community Engagement

Brite Cafe actively engages with the local community, serving as a hub for social interaction and meaningful connections. By welcoming patrons from diverse backgrounds, we promote social inclusion and challenge stereotypes surrounding disabilities in the workplace.
Our café is not just a place for great coffee. It’s a platform for advocacy and change. These initiatives foster a deeper understanding among community members, encouraging inclusivity and respect in all aspects of life. By choosing Brite Café, patrons support a movement towards a more inclusive Broadmeadows community.

Our Partners:

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Brite is a Certified Social Trader and trades to intentionally challenge social issues, provide inclusive social, employment and training opportunities  for people with disability, and drive change for an inclusive society. Our profits are reinvested into our social purpose. Visit Social Traders for more information.