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Volunteering with Brite is a great way to support people with disability while growing and developing your own skills. Volunteering can be a driver of personal development, social, economic and cultural change. It’s an empowering way to get back into the workforce, develop a diverse skill set and help people to fulfil a sense of community whilst ensuring capacity building and connection with others in a positive way.

Everyone has a different motivation for undertaking a volunteer position; we work with you to ensure you have the support and guidance you need to achieve your goals during your time with Brite. Our volunteering opportunities provide a wide range of benefits to both those who volunteer and Brite.

Overview of volunteering with Brite

As a not-for-profit organisation Brite values the key role volunteers play within our organisation. Each and every one of our volunteers help to further Brite’s mission through their individual skills, talents, and contributions to the Brite community. Volunteering with Brite allows you to undertake fulfilling work that helps you to develop your own skills, while working for an organisation that looks to maximise its volunteers’ potential.

Our team is always on the lookout to create opportunities for our volunteers to utilise their talents and abilities, all the while supporting them to develop social connections amongst the team and wider Broadmeadows community. At the beginning of your time as a volunteer, the Brite team will work with you to outline work that you will undertake during your time with us to ensure that your role matches your skills, interests and capabilities. As a volunteer, you will also be provided with an induction and ongoing support as part of Brite’s commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace.

Anyone over the age of 18 who passes a working with children and police check can apply to volunteer at Brite.

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Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering with Brite can help you gain a number of skills and benefits. Often our volunteers will choose to spend their time with Brite because they have a passion for a certain area of our organisation – such as our plant nursery – or are looking to gain soft skills in a working environment.

Whether you are a student seeking a placement, are looking for experience in employment support, or are wanting to help out in the local community, you can benefit from gaining new skills and experiences unlike any other!

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How to Volunteer

There are a number of ways you can volunteer with Brite. You can volunteer across almost all of our departments depending on where you want to make the most impact. Our volunteers do everything from event volunteering to production and plant nursery volunteers.

Volunteer roles at Brite include:

  • Event
  • Student volunteers (carer/support worker)
  • Student Volunteers – Project based
  • Professional volunteers
  • Special project volunteers- ie project management, engineering, workplace health and safety, technology, sustainability, quality assurance, administrative, marketing, horticulture, manufacturing;
  • Production volunteers
  • Board Members