a charity
with a difference

As a non-profit charity, at Brite, we offer long-term competitive advantage to our customers and exceptional customer service as set out in our Customer Service Charter.

We also deliver a positive impact in our community as a profit-for-purpose social enterprise.

When you partner with Brite, you’ll get quality products and services at competitive prices. And you’ll change lives in our community.

why we do
what we do


Everyone in our community has the right to work and earn a living but not everyone is lucky enough to have a job.

When it comes to employment for people with a disability, Australia ranks 21st out of 29 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries1. Our ranking for relative poverty risk for people with a disability is even worse – we are 27th out of 27 OECD countries, with 45 per cent of Australians with disability living near or below the poverty line2.

In 1993 the workforce participation rate for people with disability was 54.9 per cent and in 2012 it had dropped to 52.8 per cent3. This needs to change. Our community deserves better and we’re working hard to improve outcomes. With your help, we can create a future that’s full of possibilities.

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our vision

Equity and access to a better life

our mission

Provide sustainable services that create opportunity and support for people living with a disability or who are vocationally disadvantaged

our values

Courage, dignity, compassion, accountability, flexibility, performance

where it
all began


It all started in the late 1960s, when a group of parents and carers saw a need for an inclusive workplace and an environment that supported the needs of people with a wide range of abilities and skills.

Representatives from local and state governments, local service clubs and families worked hard to purchase five acres of land in Broadmeadows, build a factory and offices, and establish the organisation that we know today as Brite.

Our site was officially opened in November 1976 by the Governor of Victoria, Sir Henry Winneke. Over the years we’ve added new buildings, a nursery, training facilities and more.

From these modest beginnings, we’ve come a long way. Today Brite is a successful non-profit charity and organisation employing more than 200 people, constantly evolving to meet the needs of all our stakeholders.

become a brite spark!

We see the strengths and abilities of our people and we strive to provide the most appropriate supports, structures and resources available.

This includes:
• work skills and workplace training
• operating workplace machines
• occupational health and safety
• life skills and wellbeing programs.




Our goal is to give our people a sense of pride and ownership of their workplace. Also, working with us means belonging to a social community and making long-term friendships.

At the heart of everything we do is the Brite community – our people, our customers and our families. We listen, ask, work hard and collaborate to make sure we deliver the best possible outcome for everyone.

Together we can make every day Brite.



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quality is the
brite way

Although we are a non-profit registered Charity, we have a commercial, customer-focused mindset. So we make sure that all our work meets high quality standards and is delivered on time, every time.

We are a registered Charity
We are a registered NDIS provider.
We are a registered training organisation.
We are FSSC 22000 certified.
We are NIASA accredited.

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