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A Look Inside Our Food Room

By March 23, 2022October 20th, 2023No Comments

At Brite, our food packaging centre provides high quality solutions for a range of businesses across Australia. Our food room is where the magic happens. It’s where our team of trained food packagers put their skills to use by packaging food goods for retail and supermarket chains, a team which comprises of people with disability who have been given the opportunity to learn new skills and work in a safe and supportive environment. Our food room is their space to express their capabilities and feel like they belong.

Our Services and Capabilities

At our food packing centre, our dedicated team provides a number of services including labelling and relabelling products, general packing and repacking, machine and hand bagging of confectionary, decanting, and much more. No matter what kind of food packing service you are after, our team are able to provide a tailored solution to meet your needs.

Recently, the Brite food packing team has purchased some amazing new equipment that will help make our services even better. These new machines will expand our capabilities, streamline our processes, and ensure that the Brite food room is a safe work environment for all of our staff. Let’s take a look at what’s come in.

Rotary Doy Machine

Brite’s new Rotary Doy Machine is going to make a huge difference in our food packing workshop. This machine is designed to fill and print pre-made BOPP bags and Doy pouches with cereals, grains, and powders. Thanks to this incredible machine, the Brite team now has the capacity to package more items in a more efficient manner.

Twin-Head Linear Weigher

Our shiny new Twin-Head 8.0L Linear Weigher allows the Brite team to accurately distribute the content weight for each package. By pre-setting the weight on the machine’s touch screen, our team can then use the device to easily produce accurate content loads for the retail or supermarket chain package that is being put together. Best of all, this machine is completely dust and water proof, so all going well, it will last our team for a long time.

Twin Head Linear Weigher
Videojet Continuous ink jet label printer

Videojet 1280 Industrial Inkjet Printer

Our labelling tasks have suddenly become a lot easier thanks to our acquisition of a new Videojet 1280 Industrial Inkjet Printer. This amazing machine will help our Brite team work on anything from creating labels for bottles, fruit and vegetable, meat and poultry, and everything in between. This machine has a simple interface that greatly reduces operator printing interactions as well as user error. Thanks to this new machine, printing labels has never been easier at the Brite food packing centre.

Auger Feeder

Standing at 2.7 metres in height, our new CPM Auger Feeder is going to make a huge difference to the production process at our food packaging centre. Completely made of stainless steel and HACCP approved, this free-standing device can easily transfer small granular contents to the feeders on top of our high-standing machinery.

Our Brite team will load the contents at the feeder’s base, and the cork-screw tube will carry it to the top. This means our team members don’t have to risk loading contents into machines that are above their height, protecting themselves from potential falls or having contents spill on them. Best of all, our CPM Auger Feeder was designed right here in Australia!

Get in Touch

Interested in learning more about Brite’s food room and our food packing capabilities. Get in touch with us to request our capability statement or organise a quote.

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