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Brite’s Co-packing Capabilities for Melbourne Businesses

By May 25, 2023October 20th, 2023No Comments

Learn about Brite’s co-packing capabilities in Melbourne and how we can help your business during the manufacturing process.

Brite’s co-packing capabilities allow Melbourne businesses to have their products professionally packaged and labelled by a team of hard-working people living with disability. Co-packing is shorthand for contract packing, and involves the packing, labelling, and assembly of various different products of various different shapes and sizes.

Partnering with Brite’s co-packing and labelling services means supporting meaningful employment opportunities for our team. In turn, your Melbourne business will benefit from having a third-party packing solution that will enable your company to focus on core activities and improve the efficiency of your own internal processes. You simply cannot go wrong with our co-packing services.

Brite's Co-packing capabilities for Melbourne Businesses

What Our Co-Packing Services Offer

Brite provides high-quality co-packing and labelling services that can completely transform this crucial stage of the product manufacturing process for your business.

Our range of capabilities in this field include: 

  • Labelling and relabelling of products—both domestic and export
  • General co-packing and repacking work for retail supply chains and supermarkets
  • Mandatory labelling/relabelling for export/import
  • Machine and hand bagging of confectionery
  • Mail bagger to wrap and heat seal magazines/newspapers/catalogues
  • Repacking
  • Reworking products
  • Decanting
  • Contract packing
  • Filling and packing DOY pouches and BOPP bags
  • Machine and hand bagging of small items
  • Gift hamper packing – specialising in Christmas gift packaging

Our team is supported by the cutting-edge equipment and machinery we use to enhance the packing and labelling process. This machinery includes a rotary pouch machine, metal detectors, weight checkers, a blister manufacturing and sealing machine, heat shrink wrapping, and so much more. Thanks to this equipment, our team is able to deliver quick and accurate results for our clients.

Our Results

Our co-packing and labelling services in Melbourne have resulted in helping dozens of businesses throughout this city and all around Australia. One of our valued clients is Level Beverages, a New South Wales-based manufacturer of premium drinks that use Brite’s co-packing services. Chrish Graebner, the Manager Director at Level Beverages had these kind words to say about our work.

“Level Beverages approached Brite to assist with secondary packaging for a trial pack of our Level Lemonade brand, to be supplied into a national supermarket chain. The team and workers are very friendly, capable and are always open and looking to improve cost and efficiency in the services they offer; a genuine partner.

We have now been utilising Brite Services over the past 15 months and would have no hesitation in putting them forward or recommending them, especially their efforts in continuously going out of their way to ensure all works carried out for Level Beverages is to a high standard.

It is indeed a pleasure to do business with the team from Brite Services.”

Chrish Graebner, Managing Director Asia Pacific, Level Beverages

This is just one example of how our co-packing and labelling services have provided a great outcome for a client. Our team takes each and every job seriously, ensuring we deliver a quality service that exceeds the expectation of your business.

Get in Touch

Brite’s co-packing and labelling services are designed to help Melbourne and Australian businesses streamline an important part of the products manufacturing process. By supporting our packing centre, not only will your business receive high quality co-packing services, but you will also be supporting a team of dedicated persons living with disability as they undertake meaningful employment. If you would like to make use of our services, then contact us today.

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