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Professional Development Series

By November 13, 2019October 27th, 2021No Comments

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing a safe and happy workplace, where everyone is respected and treated equally, we’ve been hosting a series of workshops for all of our people.

So far this year we’ve undertaken workshops in:

  • first aid
  • foundations of cultural awareness
  • bullying prevention
  • recognising abuse and neglect.

Later this year we’ll be holding an Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training Program, hosted by Kangan Institute’s Indigenous Education Centre.

Cultural awareness

This workshop introduced key concepts of migration, diversity and cultural competence. We explored our own culture and values through engaging activities while reflecting on how these affect workplace interactions. We also discussed and developed strategies and tools for effective cross-cultural communication.

The training covered:

  • exploring personal cultural understandings
  • cultural competence and incompetence
  • recognising the impact of culture on service provision
  • successful strategies for working with people from refugee and migrant backgrounds.

Bullying prevention

Our entire workforce went through a comprehensive bullying prevention program. We had over 170 people complete the training which was coordinated over six workshops in three days. A huge thank you to Bully Zero and the facilitator, Tahli Hilton, for putting on a brilliant and meaningful program.

The training covered:

  • the real impact of bullying
  • the effect on employees and the organisation
  • what is and what isn’t bullying
  • cyberbullying and the impact of social media
  • how to handle bullying
  • bullying prevention mechanisms and resolution strategies
  • the 7 steps of resilience
  • Brite’s Code of Conduct, and bullying policy and procedures
  • support available within Brite
  • raising a complaint at work
  • bullying intervention and being an upstander, not a bystander
  • positive workplace cultures.

Preventing and responding to abuse, assault and risk of harm

This course provided our people with the awareness of the issues and tools to understand our own responsibilities and organisational procedures around identifying and managing any instances of abuse and neglect.

The training covered:

  • attitudes, myths and facts associated with abuse, assault and risk of harm
  • indicators of abuse
  • the power of the grooming process and offender behaviours
  • common indicators of abuse, assault and risk of harm
  • how to support alleged victims
  • the role of government agencies
  • individual responsibilities in relation to legislative requirements and organisational policy
  • procedures in relation to disclosure of abuse, assault or risk of harm of people with disability.

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the training and for your ongoing commitment to make Brite a great place to work!

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