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Every time you donate to a Charity / Not for Profit / For Purpose Organisation such as Brite, you are contributing to helping people with disabilities move forward in their lives. No matter how much you donate, every little bit enhances our ability us to deliver the necessary services and employment opportunities needed to make a difference in the lives of our employees. And while Brite does receive government funding for services provided, for something there’s no denying we wouldn’t be where we are today without the endless generosity of our donors as we continue to negotiate an increasingly competitive and challenging landscape.

So, whether you’ve donated before or are a first-time donor, here are five ways your donation helps people with disabilities within the Brite community.

1.Host Special Celebrations

At Brite, we love celebrating significant milestones in the lives of our employees and the company. This may be someone’s birthday, an end of year party, or celebrating an anniversary within Brite. All these events and functions are made possible through the kindness of our donors, meaning we get to properly celebrate everyone’s achievements and hard work. Thanks to these celebrations, our team becomes even closer, our culture becomes even stronger, and everyone involved ends the day feeling optimistic, with a sense of purpose and belonging.

2.Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is an international movement aimed to promote generosity and the power of giving. In 2020, Brite participated in Giving Tuesday by running a fundraiser asking for donations to fund new uniforms for our employees. New uniforms mean that everyone in our team – no matter their ability – feels like an equal and part of something bigger, something special. We can’t wait to see what can be achieved later this year on Giving Tuesday 2021.

3.Helps People with Disabilities Socialise

One of the main ways we love helping people with disabilities is by providing access to social networks. After all, a sense of togetherness is always going to have a positive influence on a person’s wellbeing. Your donations help us to bring people together whose varying abilities mean they may otherwise find it challenging to establish these links. It’s important for most of us to have connections and socialise with others, and your generous donations make this a possibility for the team at Brite.

4.Enables Future Employment Opportunities

At Brite, we provide employment opportunities for people living with a disability or who are facing vocational barriers. We match people with work opportunities that best suit their passions and aspirations, and from there we watch them grow and succeed through providing support, breaking down barriers and helping individuals to excel at what they do. Your donations go a long way towards helping us to continue offering these opportunities for those who need them the most.

5.Helps Us Continue Our Good Work

Most of all, your donations make a significant contribution to helping us continue to do our good work at Brite. That means people living with a disability can continue working at our Dispatch Centre and Wholesale Nursery and be a part of a supportive community that provides people with a sense of purpose and enhanced quality of life. There is no denying that all of this and more wouldn’t be possible without your generous support and donations.

At Brite, we are deeply grateful for every donation that we receive from the amazing people who help support our vision and mission. It allows us to foster a workplace for people living with a disability to grow professionally and personally while learning new skills and developing social networks along the way.

Interested in donating? Click here for more information.

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