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Celebrating Brite’s Successes in 2023

By August 31, 2023No Comments

2023 has been another big year for Brite. It always brings a smile to our faces to reflect back on all the celebrations and success stories that have occurred within the Brite community, and this year has already provided so much cause for joy and pride.

Our team has continued to commit everything to the development of disability employment within the community, and everyone involved has contributed their hard work, compassion, and resolve to ensure the ever-expanding reach of Brite.

We believe it’s time to look at some of Brite’s highlights so far in 2023. Of course, there are plenty of other amazing stories from this year that we don’t share here, and the rest of 2023 is promising to deliver even more incredible highs, but here are some of our favourites so far.

Celebrating Employee Achievements

Everything we do at Brite, we do for the wellbeing of our employees to guarantee people with disabilities have access to meaningful and fulfilling work.

Our 2023 Employee of the Year award went to William Kolak, who has continually amazed us over his past nine years at Brite with his unwavering enthusiasm. He is always willing to take on new challenges and opportunities, and both his personal and professional development has been a pleasure to witness over the years.

We would also like to offer a major congratulations to Brite employees Sarah and Andrea who both competed at the 2023 Special Olympics Victoria State Game in July. Sarah performed in running, walking, and shot put, earning a bronze in each category, while Andrea was awarded a gold, silver, and three bronze medals across running and relay events.

Truly a remarkable achievement by both Brite employees, and we couldn’t be prouder of their efforts.

New Additions to Brite

Brite Plants saw the arrival of a brand-new tree potting machine, purchased from grant funds received from the Victorian Government. This advanced piece of machinery is designed to increase production of large trees and shrubs into 33cm pots. Having access to this new technology will allow our nursery team to ramp up our plant production capabilities significantly as a result – bringing even greater value to our customers.

Brite also became the proud owners of a brand-new commuter bus, thanks to the generous grant from the Australian Communities Foundation in partnership with the Paul Ramsay Foundation. Thanks to this new transport vehicle, our team and employees have better access to more educational and employment opportunities.

And finally, our new signs, courtesy of Ballarat Real Estate, do a wonderful job Brite-ning up our surroundings and showcasing what we do to more and more members of our community.

Celebrating Milestones

It wouldn’t be another year at Brite without mentioning all of the wonderful anniversaries we have celebrated so far in 2023. Here are some of our employee milestones that we have happily rolled out cakes for this year:

  • James Clark, our General Manager Social Enterprise, who celebrated 15 years of working at the company.
  • Ryan Pieper, our Nursery Manager, who also ticked off fifteenth years of service to Brite.
  • Rayleen (Ra Ra), our Brite Pak Team Leader, who has also enjoyed 15 years of working at Brite.
  • Les Avramov, our Warehouse Coordinator, who celebrated a massive 25 years of contributing to Brite’s success and growth.

Contact Brite

With so many incredible things already happening for Brite in 2023, we cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for us. A massive thanks to everyone who has made these successes possible, and to everyone in the community who has gone above and beyond for our cause. If you would like to reach out to Brite throughout the rest of 2023, then contact us today!

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