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The Brite Brike at ‘Around the Bay’

By October 24, 2023No Comments

Brite recently had the pleasure of taking our Brikes out for a ride at the annual Around The Bay bicycle event at Albert Park. We had employees take to the tracks around the scenic Albert Park Lake, enjoying the chance to go for a ride while getting to show off our Brikes to the wider community. 

Overall, it was a beautiful day out that proved why our commitment to developing advanced technologies can bring so much value to people with disabilities, and we look forward to participating once again next year. 

The Around the Bay Event 

Around the Bay is an annual Melbourne cycling event, with its 2023 iteration being run by the Bicycle Network and sponsored by United Energy. The event has a variety of different routes that can be ridden – ranging from a three lap ride around Albert Park, all the way up to a monumental 300 km route that loops around the entirety of Port Phillip bay. 

Outside of being a fun outdoor physical activity that cyclists of all experience and skill levels can participate in, Around the Bay also raises money for Maddie Ridwoldt’s Vision. This charity was set up after the tragic passing of Maddie at only 26 years-old from Bone Marrow Failure Syndrome. The charity has been set up to support other patients who have this disease, many of whom are children or young adults. 

Going for a Ride on the Brike 

Brite was very excited to participate in this year’s Around the Bay event. We assembled a team consisting of our employees Maria, Tony, and Bradley, our support staff Megan, Jody, and Nathan, as well as Gerald and Steve, who were willing and ready to take to the Albert Park tracks. 

Using both the wheelchair and rickshaw Brikes, we took turns doing a lap around Albert Park Lake, soaking in the feeling of having the wind in our hair. For our employees, it was a great opportunity to participate in a physical activity that has traditionally been restrictive to people with disabilities and mobility challenges. They got to experience the joy of riding around the park alongside the rest of our team and all the other cyclists who were out and about that day. 

Another non-cycling highlight of the day was when legendary former football player Brendan Fevola met with the team and expressed how impressive he found the Brikes. While this was exciting for all of us, it was a particularly big moment for Bradley, who is a lifelong Carlton supporter. 

Future Plans 

One of the most promising parts of our time at Around the Bay was how many people visited the Brite tent to meet our team and take a closer look at the Brikes. Everyone who we talked to commented on how impressive the Brikes were and how valuable they could be for people with mobility challenges. 

Moving forward, Brite would love to partner with The Bicycle Network and Parks Victoria to organise community activation days for people with all abilities to ride their bikes and have the Brikes be a part of these events. 

Contact Us 

Everyone who attended Around the Bay as part of the Brite team had an absolute blast! If you would like to find out more about the work we do at Brite, or if you have any questions about our Brikes, please contact us today. 

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