13 November 2019

Brite’s new pathway to employment

In 2020 we’ll be launching our new Brite Pathways Course.
A program like no other, you’ll be given the best possible opportunity to get into a job that is tailor-made. Throughout the 2-year program, you’ll receive personalised one-on-one coaching while leading your own learning and employment journey.
It’s a fun and flexible style of delivery that involves a holistic approach to self-discovery, independence, health and well-being, combining work trials, mentoring and unique individualised support in class, in the workplace and in the home.


Who is it for?

The program is for school leavers eligible for SLES funding and other young adults with a disability who are new to or returning to the world of work.


What makes it unique?

  • It’s the only program of its kind, helping you to get a job that’s designed and tailored for you.
  • You’ll get one-on-one coaching and mentoring in the classroom, at work and at home.
  • It’s a self-awareness, self-improvement program.
  • It includes development of real work, independence, social, health and well-being and whole-of-life skills.
  • It’s learner centred and learner driven.
  • It’s a documented journey building a personal profile and portfolio that can be shared with family, friends and employers.


Why would you do it?

  • Get a job that you love!
  • Gain multiple nationally accredited qualifications
  • Make friends
  • Get fit
  • Become independent
  • Build networks
  • Develop confidence
  • Develop a portfolio of achievement and a personal video resume.

How is it delivered?

  • In the classroom, through work trials, social interactions, volunteering, community engagement, online training, event management and much more!
  • Through a fun, unique, interactive and engaging model that includes reward and recognition
  • With 360odegree support from trainers, coaches, mentors, family, carers, friends



Based at Brite, the delivery will occur all over Melbourne, including in the home, workplace, online and the great outdoors.



Starts February 2020


How do I join?

Expressions of interest are now open. Contact Steph to find out more: 03 9301 7300 or skelleher@brite.org.au

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