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What Your Business Gets Out of Partnering with Brite

By December 20, 2022April 12th, 2023No Comments

Partnering with Brite means partnering with a social enterprise and profit for purpose business that, among other services, provides meaningful employment opportunities to people with disability. Our Pick Pack and Dispatch (PPD) Centre and accredited food packing and processing are two of our greatest employment hubs that provide quality services to businesses all around Australia.

Opportunity and quality are the two driving forces behind our services. Opportunities for people with disability to work, be part of a team, and learn a range of skills that they can take forward with them in life. And quality outcomes for the businesses that partner with Brite to undertake their packing and labelling services.

Partnering with Brite to carry out your business’ packing and labelling needs means investing in those opportunities, but it also means receiving high quality and competitively-priced outcomes in return.

Nurturing Important Employment Opportunities

People development is at the heart of everything we do. Last year alone, our manufacturing and assembly centre provided employment for 142 supported team members for an astonishing combined total of 90,000 hours of work. While we were thrilled with those results, we also want those numbers to go up in 2023, and for that, we need more business partnerships.

If your business partners with Brite to look after your packing and labelling services, you will be empowering a social enterprise that makes a real difference in the lives of its employees. No matter how large your business is or what industry you’re in, as long as you need quality packing and labelling services delivered to a high standard, our team will get the job done.

Partner with Brite

Receiving Quality Services

Brite offers a range of services for its business partners, including:

Our Manufacturing and Assembly Centre

Our capabilities and services in our manufacturing and assembly centre include labelling and relabelling products, general packaging of various products, decanting, and so much more. Whether you need it picked, packed, dispatched, or a combination of all three, our team members have the skills to provide consistently high-quality services that meet the individual needs of your business.

From food manufacturing to packaging and labelling, our manufacturing and assembly centre is equipped with the people, machinery, and resources to deliver a tailored solution each and every time.

Our Food Room

Food packaging is something you can’t cut corners on, so why not leave it to the team of professionals at Brite. Our employees in the Food Room go through extensive training and are given the necessary support and guidance to deliver consistent results. We have recently acquired a range of new food packaging machinery for our Food Room that is suitable to meet a wide range of products, helping to optimise our systems and processes even further.

No matter what kind of food packaging services your business needs, we will find a personalised solution that matches what you have been looking for. Our team is committed to each of our valued business partners, and is always looking to take on whatever new jobs and challenges come our way.

Get in Touch

Becoming a business partner of Brite means nurturing essential employment opportunities for people with disability while also choosing affordable and quality packing and labelling services. Your business will only benefit from partnering with Brite and making use of our services, so why wait any longer? To become a Brite partner, contact us today!

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