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The Brike Project: The Story So Far

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Over the last two years, the Brite team has been hard at work, creating and developing the Brike.

The Brike is an e-bike designed for people with disability by people with disability.

This project has had us working closely with a range of project partners including Toyota Productions Systems Support Centre, NORTH Link, RMIT, and more.

Throughout this project we have been working hard to create a workflow that will allow people with disability to assemble Brikes at our Broadmeadows facility. From prototypes to sponsorships and partnerships, we could not be more proud of the Brike journey so far.

The Brike Timeline


2019 – Partnership between RMIT, NORTH Link, and Brite

The Brike project was conceived in 2019 in partnership with RMIT and NORTH Link. RMIT brought the engineering to the Brike project, while NORTH Link provided the industry partners into the fold. Brite provided the project with the facilities and employees for the project.


2020 – Development of Prototype with RMIT

The prototype phase of a project is always very exciting, and RMIT’s work proved no different.

The team at RMIT worked hard to consider all aspects of the bike and came up with a few different iterations of the prototype. In the end we settled on the final design and feel proud of this process. We are very happy with the work that RMIT did over this period as it was integral to the project.


April 2021 – Engaged Toyota

The next task was to figure out how we could create production processes that would work for the people with disability at Brite. This is where we engaged with Toyota Production System Support Centre.

Toyota’s task was to break down the production process to account for a range of different disabilities and skill sets. They did this by separating the assembly tasks into bite size chunks, and working with the Brike production team to make each process very accessible. Both the Toyota and Brike production teams worked hard to make sure that every task could be done by anyone, of all abilities.

Brike Sale

July 2022 – First Sale to Toyota

Our first Brike sale occurred in July 2022 and was made all the more special as the purchasers were our friends at Toyota. Toyota were so invested in the Brike project that they were very keen to get their hands on the first of its kind. This Brike is now proudly on show in their Altona production centre.


November 2022 – Sale to Sunbury and Macedon Ranges Specialist School

In November 2022 Sunbury and Macedon Ranges Specialist School purchased a Brike for their school. The school caters to students with intellectual disability and holds a bike program. The Brike allows students with significant physical disabilities to be able to participate in this program.

This purchase from the Sunbury and Macedon Ranges Specialist School allowed us to see our vision come to life. A product created by people with disabilities being used by people with disabilities as a means to lead a fuller, more enriched life.

December 2022 – Sale to Sunshine Specialist School and Philip Island NRMA Resort

In December 2022 Sunshine Specialist School purchased two Brikes for their school. One was a wheelchair model and the other a fixed seat rickshaw model. The combination of these Brikes will allow a wider range of students participate in the school’s bike program

Also in December 2022 Philip Island NRMA Resort purchased one of the Rickshaw Brikes. This Brike will be used by park guests, making the resort experience more accessible to people with limited mobility.

Where to Next?

The team at Brite are now focused on developing training documents and procedures to ensure the longevity and sustainability of this advanced technology. NORTH Link is a major contributor in this process and are currently working with Wavelength to develop these processes and documents.

The Future of Brike

The Brike project is possible due to the collaboration of a huge range of industries – engineers, disability sectors, health services, and production. The future of this project heralds a move towards more innovation and inclusivity in our products, processes and lifestyles.

The team at Brite are proud to say the least. If you are interested in purchasing a Brike or just want to learn more, please get in touch with our team at Brite today.

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