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Brite’s New Expansions to Create More Food Packaging Solutions 

By August 26, 2022October 20th, 2023No Comments

The Brite food packaging room has undergone some exciting new changes, making it easier for our team to label and package food products for our clients. Brite’s food packaging room trains and employs people living with disabilities to work in a safe and supporting environment where they can package food products for businesses right across Australia. 

Over the period of a month, our food packaging room underwent some upgrades – bringing in new equipment and technology to optimise the workflow for our team. The new equipment will increase our capacity to fulfil our current work commitments, while also creating opportunities to take on new work. Recently, the Brite food packaging team has been hard at work trying to stay on top of all the work that has come in. To meet these demands and to deliver on our production commitments, we have needed to run multiple jobs while also needing to increase our food storage capacity. 

The latest expansion to our food packaging and labelling room – which took roughly a month to complete – has solved both of these problems at once. 

Automatic Label Dispenser 

Brite has installed two new automatic label dispensers into our food packaging room. These automatic label dispensers are designed for miniature die-cut and butt-cut labels. They automatically strip and remove the label from its original paper, vinyl, or foil liner. It features an automatic re-winder, which eliminates the mess while operating. This automatic label dispenser also provides a clean cut and wrinkle free label.

With these new machines at our disposal, the Brite food packaging team will have an easier time removing and applying labels on our clients’ products. 

Automatic Carton Sealer 

Brite has also installed two new automatic carton sealers for our food packaging room. These carton sealers tape the top and bottom of boxes using pressure sensitive packaging tape applied by the tape heads of the machine. Carton sealing machines are used for the closing of uniformed cardboard cartons commonly referred to as an RSC (regular slotted carton) with the same height and width and can be quickly adjusted manually for the next size carton in a production run. The box to be sealed is driven by the two side belts over rollers while the tape head automates the boxing process, applying the tape effortlessly to the carton saving time and money.

For such a precise task, these new automatic carton sealers will streamline the process for our team while also making it safer for those performing the task. 

Automatic Jar and Bottle Labeller 

Brite has installed two new automatic jar and bottle labellers to help our team perform this extremely accurate task. These automatic jar and bottle label applicators will be able to apply labels at speeds of up to 1200 per hour. The labels are perfectly applied without wrinkles, giving our clients’ finished products a highly professional look.

Electric Pallet Jack 

Brite’s two new electric pallet jacks can transport, and lift loads up to 1500 kg. It combines the features of a powered pallet jack with the flexibility of a pallet jack. These new pieces of equipment will make it much easier and safer for our team to move around heavy loads without risking injury or strain to their own bodies. 

Get in Touch 

The Brite food packaging room gives people with disability the opportunity to learn new skills and work in a supportive environment. Their highly professional work helps Australian businesses package and label their food products, and the addition of these new pieces of equipment will only enhance the work experience for our team. If you would like to learn more about our food packaging room, contact us today!

This machinery was partially funded through the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions Social Enterprise Support Grant 2022.

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